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Transcription regulatory networks perturbation contributes to the development and progression of cancer, however, the discovery of the determinants that mediated the transcriptional perturbations remains a fundamental challenge for cancer biology.

Here, we proposed an integrated framework-LncMAP (LncRNA Modulator Atlas in Pan-cancer), to systematic dissection of lncRNA mediated transcriptional regulations perturbations in 20 types of cancer. We show that transcriptional perturbations were widely mediated by lncRNAs via integration of genome wide transcriptional regulations with paired lncRNA and gene expression profiles. Analysis across a diverse set of human cancers reveals three distinct types of lncRNA modulators, in which pan-cancer modulators mediated more number of transcriptional perturbations, expressed in multiple tissues, were with higher conservation and enriched cancer related variations. Strikingly, cancer with similar tissue origin share lncRNA modulators which perturbed the regulations of cell cycle and immune response related functions. Furthermore, we identified a large number of lncRNA modulators with potential biomedical significance, which show differentially expressed in cancer or are strongly correlated with drug sensitivity across cell lines. Further stratification of cancer patients based on lncRNA mediated transcriptional perturbations identifies subtypes with distinct survival rates. Finally, this user-friendly platform was constructed for exploring the lncRNA mediated transcriptional perturbations across cancer types.

Our study provides a systems-level dissection of lncRNA mediated regulatory perturbations in cancer, also presented a valuable tool and resource for investigating the function of lncRNAs in cancer, greatly facilitating lncRNA-related biological discoveries and therapeutic intervention.

Please citation:
LncMAP: Pan-cancer atlas of long noncoding RNA-mediated transcriptional network perturbations. Nucleic Acids Research. 2018.
PMID: 29325141