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      miRNAs are key post-transcriptional regulators of many essential biological processes, and their dysregulation has been validated in almost all human cancers. Recently, many studies have demonstrated that small molecular compounds can affect miRNA expression, which indicates that restoring aberrantly expressed miRNAs might be a novel therapeutics. Psmir is a comprehensive database that presents computationally predicted small molecule-miRNA associations through comparison of current gene expression profiles under miRNA perturbation and drug treatment. Psmir also provides detailed annotations of the predicted associations according to the known small molecule or miRNA information. The details contain the miRBase accession number of miRNA, the small molecule chemical structure, isomeric SMILES string, ATC code, various IDs (Drugbank ID, Pubchem ID, PharmGKB ID) and whether the small molecule is FDA approved drug or not.
Version 1.0 Creation Date: Nov. 3, 2014
Number of small molecules: 1309
Number of FDA approved small molecule drugs: 624
Number of miRNAs: 25
Number of predicted associations with a significance level of 0.05: 6501
Number of predicted associations with a significance level of 0.01: 1937

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