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Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) are emerging as critical regulators of gene expression and paly crucial roles in immune regulation. However,high-throughput methods for the identification of lncRNAs that affect immune pathway activity are still largely unavailable. ImmLnc is a web-based resource for investigating the immune-related function of lncRNAs across cancer types. In this resource, the users can query the lncRNA-pathways, lncRNA-immune cell type's correlation, and cancer-related lncRNAs across 33 cancer types. The ImmLnc pipeline and the resulting data provided here are intended to serve as a valuable resource for understanding the lncRNA function and to further advance the identification of immunotherapy targets.

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You can input the lncRNAs (Symbols or Ensemble ID) of interest to query the lncRNAs that are correlated with immune pathways in specific cancer type.

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LncRNA-Pathways across cancer types

LncRNA-immune cell types correlation across cancers

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