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Lnc_Pathways_All The lncRNA-pathway pairs across all 33 cancer types. The p-values, FDRs, Enrichment scores (ESs), lncRES scores and the marker genes were provided in columns. Lnc_Pathways_All.txt
Lnc_Pathways_Sig The significant lncRNA-pathway pairs across 33 cancer types with lncRES > 0.995 and FDR < 0.05. It is a subset of Lnc_Pathways_All with same columns. Lnc_Pathways_Sig.txt
Lnc_Immunecell_All The lncRNA-immune cell types correlation across cancers. Six types of immune cells were considered. The correlation coefficients (R) and p-values (P) were provided in columns. Lnc_Immunecell_All.txt
Lnc_Immunecell_Sig A subset of significant lncRNA-immune cell types correlation with correlation coefficient and p-values. Lnc_Immunecell_Sig.txt
LncRNA_Cancer_All The differentially expressed lncRNAs across 17 types of cancer. The p-values, FDR and fold changes/Odd ratios were provided in columns. The methods used for calculating the differential expression were also provided. LncRNA_Cancer_All.txt
LncRNA_Cancer_Sig The significantly differentially expressed lncRNAs across 17 types of cancer. The subset of LncRNA_Cancer_All. LncRNA_Cancer_Sig.txt

Tool (R package)

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ImmuLncRNA The R package 'ImmulancRNA' contains 3 method which can caculate the tumor purity, partial correlation coefficient and identify the lncRNA-pathway pairs. ImmuLncRNA_0.1.0.tar.gz