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Tools panel

Analysis tools in LnCeCell

Cell Map

Cell Map tool can: (1) find out the cellular distributions of a ceRNA. (2) locate a cell on a global map of cell clusters.

CeRNA: Cell:
Cell Location

Cell Location tool can: (1) find out the sub-cellular locations for a ceRNA. (2) list ceRNA sub-cellular distributions for a cell

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Cell Network

Cell Network tool can: (1) find out the ceRNA neighbors for a lncRNA/mRNA. (2) provide a cell-specific ceRNA network.

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Cell State

Cell State tool provides a global view of cell behaviors such as angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell cycle, invasion, proliferation, stemness etc.


A tool to identify dysregulated functions of lncRNA-associated ceRNA based on Gene Ontology and biological pathways.


A tool to identify ceRNA related cancer hallmarks such as Insensitivity to Antigrowth Signals, Tissue Invasion and Metastasis etc.


A tool to perform COX regression analysis and survival curves for ceRNAs across more than 30 types of malignant cancers.