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Knowledge of lncRNA spatial expression patterns across tissues is important for identifying their roles in different tissues that provide important insights into disease mechanisms and tissue-specific therapeutic targets, especially the tissue elevated lncRNAs (TE lncRNAs), which expressed higher in a certain tissue or groups, and either not expressed or expressed at lower levels in other tissues. The lncSpA aims at providing the spatial atlas of expression for lncRNAs across normal and cancer tissues by 21230 RNA-seq samples, including 38 different normal tissues, 33 adult cancer types and 7 pediatric cancer types of the human body. TE lncRNAs in each individual tissues under either normal or cancer conditions (“TE” and “Cancer TE”), as well as cancer clinical related TE lncRNAs (“Clinical related TE”) are identified.

Highlights of LncSpA

Seven transcriptome resources, including Integration, GTEx, HPA, HBM2,


Quick search of the tissue you interested in the main page.

Four searching methods are available, preferred normal or cancer tissues,

lncRNA names or chromosomal location.

Multiple visualizations are available.

Overview the TE lncRNA number for each tissue across the human body.

Qualitative and quantitative spatial expression features of queried lncRNAs.

Co-expressed protein-coding genes, and further predicted functions.

Differential expression analysis and survival analysis for cancer.

Three well-known lncRNA-disease databases, Lnc2Cancer v2.0,

LncRNADisease v2.0, and exoRBase, are linked.

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